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Hamburg, a German Vacation Location

Hamburg is a popular destination for its stage productions, particularly large musicals and plays. Ballets, variety shows, cabarets, concerts, and circus-like performances are also plentiful in Hamburg, cementing the city as a powerful player in t read more...

8 months ago

Christmas, Birthdays, and Other Celebrations

The Magic of Midsummer: Origins of Litha and Ways to Celebrateby Nicole Canfield2 years ago

Learn about Midsummer aka Litha, a Pagan summer sabbat. Learn how to celebrate Litha/Midsummer in your own special way.

Frugal Handmade Gift

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Greetings!! Glad to meet you at this blog. English ist not my native language. Nothing to tell about myself at all. I have a house in Poland. My hobby is collecting music albums. I want to become a Economist. Hope you appreciate my blog relating t read more...